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Microsoft Interview questions

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Microsoft Interview Questions

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What are cookies? What is defrag? What is IIS? What is a symbolic link? What is COM? What is the advantage of NTFS over FAT and FAT32? What is the difference between standard modules and class modules? Why is it that you cannot overload the scope resolution operator (::)? What is plug and play? Which programming language was removed from the Visual Studio family when was released? Can all controls be placed in an MDI form? Why is code optimization important? What is Ribbon? How does Microsoft classify security threats to its software? What is OOP How often should you check for Microsoft Updates? What is the advantage of using ADO? What is APM? What is a Hotfix? What is NTFS? In Windows XP, what does the letter XP stand for? What are DLLs? What is registry? What is ScanDisk and what does it do? How do you reverse a doubly-linked list?


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