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codeigniter Interview questions

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Codeigniter Interview questions

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What is Codeigniter What is CodeIgniter Library. How will you load it? It can be loaded as follows, How Many Types of Messages Can You log in Codeigniter What is MVC in CodeIgniter In which files routes are Defined in Codeigniter What are The Hooks in CodeIgniter Connect models to a database manually? How to do 301 redirects in CodeIgniter What is the CLI in Codeigniter Why to Use CLI in Codeigniter What is Views in CodeIgniter What is inhibitor are Codeigniter How to Remove index.php from URL in Codeigniter Change your .htaccess file to How to enable error log in CodeIgniter List Databases supported By Codeigniter What is Routing in CodeIgniter? What are the Sessions in CodeIgniter Common Functions in Codeigniter How to get last inserted id in codeigniter What is Helpers in CodeIgniter and how to load helper file? Features Provide by CodeIgniter How to set or get config variables in Codeigniter What is CSRF in CodeIgniter How to Delete a Record in Codeigniter What is the default URL pattern used in Codeigniter framework What is an ORM, List ORM’s for CodeIgniter What is Get_instance in CodeIgniter Resources that can be Autoloaded in Codeigniter How to use Pagination in Codelgniter?


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