Basic Object Creation

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Create a simple object and add properties and a method. Note where the object is parsed (not from top to bottom).

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  1. function mooTutorial() {
  2. var city = { //create the city object
  3. numberOfCars : 0, //define number of cars property
  4. hasTraffic: true, //define if it has traffic
  5. grow: function(howMany) { //creates a grow() method. looks for variable howMany.
  6. this.numberOfCars += howMany; //adds howMany to numberOfCars.
  7. }
  8. }//This is where the object gets parsed, order of members is unimportant.
  9.; //outputs 0
  10. city.grow(10);
  11.; //outputs 10
  12. }
  13. window.onload = mooTutorial();

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