Script Generating for each object individually

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Generate script for each individual object in each individual file (sample application present at this location)

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  1. SQL Server object scripting tool:
  2. I posted the SOURCE code FOR my SQL Server 2005 object scripting tool. The code reads LIKE something I threw together TO see IF I could really do this. Because that's what it is. You can read a prior post that describes a little of what it does.
  3. The ClickOnce deployment is available here:
  5. It's at version 0.5.1 AS I TYPE this. NEW features include:
  7. •CONNECT TO SQL Server USING SQL Server accounts
  8. •OPTION TO include collation IN the script
  9. •Can OPTIONALLY qualify creates, drops FOREIGN KEYS WITH the schema
  10. UPDATE: Most recent install AND SOURCE code:

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