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  1. The first list item uses the general attribute selector to look for any tags with an accesskey attribute and display an icon to alert users to its presence:
  3. #test_selectors a[accesskey] {
  4. background: url('icon_key.gif') no-repeat 0 50%;
  5. text-indent: 20px;
  6. }
  8. The second item looks for links with a type attribute value of ‘application/pdf’ (you do mark up links to documents using the type attribute, right?) using the exact attribute selector, then inserts an icon advising you of the destination document:
  10. #test_selectors a[type='application/pdf'] {
  11. background: url('file_acrobat.gif') no-repeat 0 50%;
  12. text-indent: 20px;
  13. }
  15. Finally, if you have a multi-language site you can link to another version using the lang attribute with the value of that language, then use the language attribute selector to apply that country flag:
  17. #test_selectors a[lang|='fr'] {
  18. background: url('fr.gif') no-repeat 0 50%;
  19. text-indent: 20px;
  20. }

URL: http://www.css3.info/using-css-3-selectors-to-apply-link-icons/

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