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There are many ways to have jQuery open external links for you. Some depend on relative URL\'s for internal links and absolute URL\'s for external links. Some analyze the link to see if it matches your domain. These are great but can sometimes be confusing for those new to jQuery and web development. There is a quick way that you can use and the only requirement is add \'ext\' to the [rel] attribute...

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  1. $(document).ready (function() {
  2. // Activate on links with rel attribute set to ext
  3. $('a[rel=ext]').click (function() {
  4. // Add target=_blank attribute to link when clicked
  5. $(this).attr('target','_blank');
  6. });
  7. });
  9. /* Usage
  10.  * simply write your links like this:
  11.  * <a href="url_here" rel="ext" title="title_here">LINK TEXT</a>
  12.  */

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