Remove html tag attributes with Regex find and replace in Dreamweaver

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Use this regex search in Dreamweaver's find/replace to remove any html tag attributes

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  1. If you find yourself having to grab content off older websites and have to remove inline styles - or worse inline javascript! - use this code in Dreamweaver's find and replace dialog :
  4. ---- for style attribute -----
  5. in the Find box :
  6. (<[^>]*)style\s*=\s*('|")[^\2]*?\2([^>]*>)
  8. in the Replace box :
  9. $1$3
  11. so the following
  12. <a href="" style="color:red;">Click here</a>
  13. will be reduced to
  14. <a href="" >Click here</a>
  17. ---------
  18. actually you could remove any tag attribute by replacing the 'style' with the name of the attribute you want to remove

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