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General Notes:
Don't use "import" command

Steps for creating new svn project

1. Use the repository browser to create a new project folder directly in the repository.

2. Checkout the new folder over the top of the folder you want to import. You will get a warning that the local folder is not empty. Now you have a versioned top level folder with unversioned content.

3. Use TortoiseSVN ? Add... on this versioned folder to add some or all of the content. You can add and remove files, set svn:ignore properties on folders and make any other changes you need to.

4. Commit the top level folder, and you have a new versioned tree, and a local working copy, created from your existing folder.

Steps for syncing to existing project that someone else created on the repository

Steps for creating new visual studio project and syncing it to the repository
create project and click "add to repository" (or something) checkbox (the vs tortoise plugin must be installed).

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