Postgres get table schema with columns

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Get table schema with columns via sql.

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  2. ordinal_position,
  3. column_name,
  4. data_type,
  5. is_nullable,
  6. description.description AS comment
  7. FROM
  8. information_schema.columns COLUMNS
  9. LEFT JOIN pg_class class ON (COLUMNS.table_name = class.relname)
  10. LEFT JOIN pg_description description ON (class.oid = description.objoid)
  11. LEFT JOIN pg_attribute attrib ON (class.oid = attrib.attrelid AND COLUMNS.column_name = attrib.attname AND attrib.attnum = description.objsubid)
  12. WHERE
  13. TABLE_NAME='{$tableName}'
  14. GROUP BY
  15. ordinal_position, column_name, data_type, is_nullable, description.description

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