Creating Simple oEmbed-Based WordPress Shortcodes

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Say you wanted to create a shortcode like this: [youtube id="991WcoEPwb8"]

And instead of manually creating the HTML yourself, you wanted to use YouTube’s oEmbed provider to get the HTML. While that’s easy to do using WordPress’ existing functions (wp_oembed_get() for example), you must implement your own caching of the result as WordPress’ oEmbed class does not include any caching of it’s own.

However, WordPress comes with an [embed] shortcode that’s also secretly used for the shortcode-less embeds. A cool trick is to make that shortcode’s existing code (complete with caching) work for you! This post explains how to do it.

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  1. add_shortcode( 'youtube', 'my_youtube_shortcode' );
  3. function my_youtube_shortcode( $atts ) {
  5. // We need to use the WP_Embed class instance
  6. global $wp_embed;
  8. // The "id" parameter is required
  9. if ( empty($atts['id']) )
  10. return '';
  12. // Construct the YouTube URL
  13. $url = '' . $atts['id'];
  15. // Run the URL through the handler.
  16. // This handler handles calling the oEmbed class
  17. // and more importantly will also do the caching!
  18. return $wp_embed->shortcode( $atts, $url );
  19. }


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