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  1. <div id='video-player'>This text will be replaced</div>
  3. <script type='text/javascript'>
  4. //Be sure to add 24px to the height of the player to accommodate the controls.
  5. var so = new SWFObject('js/jwplayer/player.swf','mpl','384','312','9');
  6. so.addParam('allowfullscreen','true');
  7. so.addParam('allowscriptaccess','always');
  8. so.addParam('wmode','opaque');
  9. so.addVariable('streamer','rtmp://respondtwo.fcod.llnwd.net/a1229/o16/files/');
  10. so.addVariable('file','r2cgroup/r2c-jw-default.flv');
  11. so.addVariable('image','http://assets.r2commerce.com/files/r2cgroup/r2c-jw-start-screen.jpg');
  12. so.write('video-player');

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