Setting compiler version to Java5 in maven2

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This is used to set the compiler version to Java5 in maven2. We can put this in pom.xml, in the profile section.

If we activate this profile, all the projects we build will follow Java5 compilation

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  1. <profile>
  2. <id>java5</id>
  3. <properties>
  4. <build-home>D:/Build-Loc/build-cougar</build-home>
  5. <maven.compiler.compilerVersion>5</maven.compiler.compilerVersion>
  6. <maven.compiler.executable>pathto/bin/javac</maven.compiler.executable>
  7. <maven.compiler.source>5</maven.compiler.source>
  8. <>5</>
  9. </properties>
  10. </profile>

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