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Improved blipsend miniapp
Requires curl, zenity and sed

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  1. #!/bin/bash
  2. # simpliest blip client zenity edition aka blipsendz
  3. # requires: zenity, curl, sed
  4. # put your blip login details (login:password) in ~/.blipdata file
  5. # TODO: support for char's like: ) / etc...
  6. if [ -a ~/.blipdata ]; then
  8. curl -H'User-Agent: blipsend 0.1' -H'Accept: application/json' -H'X-Blip-api: 0.02' -u $(more ~/.blipdata) -F "update[body]=$(echo $(zenity --entry --text="New status") | sed 's/ /\ /g')"
  9. zenity --info --text="Your message was sent"
  10. else
  11. zenity --error --text="Missing login data\n Does ~/.blipdata exist?"
  12. fi

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