Set Focus To Next Text Input On Press Enter Button

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Set focus to all next text input in a html document when press enter button on your keyboard. If focused at the last text input element, it will be back to the first text input element.

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  1. $('input[type=text]').keydown(function(e){
  2. //get the next index of text input element
  3. var next_idx = $('input[type=text]').index(this) + 1;
  5. //get number of text input element in a html document
  6. var tot_idx = $('body').find('input[type=text]').length;
  8. //enter button in ASCII code
  9. if(e.keyCode == 13){
  10. if(tot_idx == next_idx)
  11. //go to the first text element if focused in the last text input element
  12. $('input[type=text]:eq(0)').focus();
  13. else
  14. //go to the next text input element
  15. $('input[type=text]:eq(' + next_idx + ')').focus();
  16. }
  17. });

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