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Empties the keyboard buffer. Useful to discard keyboard input during a command execution inside a bash script.
Try this script without this line:

read -t 0.1 -N 255

and enter any garbage ([ENTER] and all) during these 2 seconds window...

The modifiers:
-t 0.1 Tiemout read on 0.1 seconds - so read won't wait to get all 255 characters
-N 255 Read 255 characters, treating any special character ([ENTER], tabs, etc.) as normal characters

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  1. #!/bin/bash
  3. echo -n "Type garbage..."
  4. sleep 2
  5. echo done.
  7. # Empty keyboard buffer
  8. # 255 characters should suffice...?
  9. read -t 0.1 -N 255
  11. echo -n "Enter value for a: "
  12. read a
  13. echo "You entered: $a"

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