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This inverts the transparency on a Bitmap (probably supplied a PNG source) that specifically has two colors in it; "#656565" and "transparent" - you can tweak the threshold lines specifically if you'd like to modify that to use a range, or whatever.

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  1. private function invert(oldBmp:Bitmap):Bitmap {
  2. var source:BitmapData = oldBmp.bitmapData;
  3. var destin:BitmapData = source;
  4. var rectan:Rectangle = new Rectangle(0, 0, source.width, source.height);
  6. // Replace all transparent pixels with a solid color
  7. destin.threshold(source, rectan, new Point(), "==", 0x00000000,0xFFFF0000);
  8. // Replace all the pixels greater than 0xf1f1f1 by transparent pixels
  9. destin.threshold(source, rectan, new Point(), "==", 0xff656565,0x0000FF00);
  11. return new Bitmap(destin);
  12. }

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