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/ Published in: ActionScript 3
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OK sorted it with some mates from
What you need to do is grab the length of the text, then knock off the autosize and then pad it!
Code would look something like this:

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  1. Code:
  2. _HomeMenuButtons[i].btn_txt.autoSize = TextFieldAutoSize.LEFT;
  3. _HomeMenuButtons[i].btn_txt.text = _menuElements[i];
  4. var wid:Number = _HomeMenuButtons[i].btn_txt.width;
  5. _HomeMenuButtons[i].btn_txt.autoSize = TextFieldAutoSize.NONE;
  6. _HomeMenuButtons[i].btn_txt.width = wid + 20;
  7. _HomeMenuButtons[i].btn_txt.defaultTextFormat = MenuFormat;
  8. _HomeMenuButtons[i].btn_txt.setTextFormat(MenuFormat);


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