maven jetty plugin configuration to scan static sources (js,css,etc...)

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add following parts to the appropriate places in the pom.xml

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  1. <configuration>
  2. <!-- scan period (this effects scan period also for java class files changes) -->
  3. <scanIntervalSeconds>5</scanIntervalSeconds>
  5. <!-- i don't know the reason for setting extraClasspath, but it should be set -->
  6. <webAppConfig>
  7. <extraClasspath>${basedir}/src/main/resources</extraClasspath>
  8. </webAppConfig>
  10. <!-- will be scanned paths for changes by jetty additionally (here is the path where js, css, etc... are exist) -->
  11. <scanTargets>
  12. <scanTarget>src/main/webapp</scanTarget>
  13. </scanTargets>
  15. </configuration>

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