PNG support in Internet Explorer 5.5 - 6 with working links

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IE 5.5 to 6 don't support generic PNG with Alpha-Channel
To get the advantage of PNGs use the akward AlphaImageLoader-filter (AIL) as described on the msdn site ( ).

But because the AIL is a DirectX-processing, some links and mouseover effexts in front of the PNG, when used as background-image, won't work, because the AIL will put itself in front of the links (like in the DOM or surface, but not visually).

A workaround for this is, to let the anchor or a surrounding element inside the element with the AIL-filter get the position:relative, or a different position (except static, I guess).

This will again work.

P.S.: AIL will not work with repeated background-mages, because the AIL-filter doesn't support repeating of images

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