Create initial svn repository structure

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Batch script creates initial svn repository structure according to SCM framework (

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  1. @ECHO off
  2. :TOP
  3. IF (%1)==() GOTO END
  4. SET SVN_REPO=%1
  5. ECHO Initializing basic repository structure (trunk, branches, tags) in %SVN_REPO%
  6. svn mkdir %SVN_REPO%/trunk %SVN_REPO%/branches %SVN_REPO%/tags -m "Initializing basic repository structure"
  7. ECHO Initializing extended repository structure in %SVN_REPO%
  8. svn mkdir %SVN_REPO%/branches/experimental %SVN_REPO%/branches/feature %SVN_REPO%/branches/support %SVN_REPO%/branches/release %SVN_REPO%/tags/builds %SVN_REPO%/tags/builds/PA %SVN_REPO%/tags/builds/A %SVN_REPO%/tags/builds/B %SVN_REPO%/tags/releases %SVN_REPO%/tags/releases/AR %SVN_REPO%/tags/releases/BR %SVN_REPO%/tags/releases/RC %SVN_REPO%/tags/releases/ST -m "Initializing extended repository structure"
  9. :END

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