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This function uses the power of regexp to check if some bad word are on the text, also offers the posibility to change those word for something else. Examples:\r\n\r\n$texto = \'fuck off!\';\r\nfiltrado($texto); returns true since a bad word has been found on the text\r\nfiltrado($texto, \'[censored]\'); //returns [censored] off!\r\n\r\nAnd because regexp, this will work with something like \"fck off!\". You can see a more detailed example here:\r\nhttp://www.otaku-anime.com/varios/filtro.php -- Example\r\nhttp://www.otaku-anime.com/varios/filtro.php?source -- Source code of the example

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  1. <?php
  2. function filtrado($texto, $reemplazo = false)
  3. {
  4. $filtradas = 'fu?ck, shit'; //Define here your words to censor separated by comma (sorry for the badwords, it's just an example)
  6. $f = explode(',', $filtradas);
  7. $f = array_map('trim', $f);
  8. $filtro = implode('|', $f);
  10. return ($reemplazo) ? preg_replace("#$filtro#i", $reemplazo, $texto) : preg_match("#$filtro#i", $texto) ;
  11. }
  12. ?>

URL: http://osiux.ws/2008/04/29/filtro-de-palabras-en-php/

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