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xxxx1... are tables from master site
xxxx2... are tables from client site

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  1. DROP TABLE xxxx2_session
  2. DROP TABLE xxxx2_usergroups
  3. DROP TABLE xxxx2_users
  4. DROP TABLE xxxx2_user_notes
  5. DROP TABLE xxxx2_user_profiles
  6. DROP TABLE xxxx2_user_usergroup_map
  8. CREATE VIEW xxxx2_users AS SELECT * FROM xxxx1.jos_users
  9. CREATE VIEW xxxx2_session AS SELECT * FROM xxxx1.jos_session
  10. CREATE VIEW xxxx2_usergroups AS SELECT * FROM xxxx1.jos_usergroups
  11. CREATE VIEW xxxx2_user_notes AS SELECT * FROM xxxx1.jos_user_notes
  12. CREATE VIEW xxxx2_user_profiles AS SELECT * FROM xxxx1.jos_profiles
  13. CREATE VIEW xxxx2_user_usergroup_map AS SELECT * FROM xxxx1.jos_usergroup_map

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