RPManager : Control multiple object properties with single object for faster rpmanager performance

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A big thanks to Grant from RPManager for this: (copied from rpmanager forums)

First, add a single object to a capture set. Define the properties for this object as if it is your 'capture set global settings' control, and per pass setup what you want per pass for the settings of all objects you want to control.

Then, deselect your control object, and select all the objects you want controlled and then last of all select the control object again (important you select it last), and then evaluate this in a maxscript window:

Then restore you passes and marvel that all the objects properties are set (I tried it on some spheres, with box mode and RPMMaterial, so maybe try that first in case it doesn't work in other cases. I suspect it will though)

This works for per object RPMMaterial too, if you have RPMMaterial captured, and each object has a different rpmmaterial, each will have its own mat restored.

To update the state of the captured properties, simply edit that single objects properties.

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  1. for i in objects where classof i == rpmpropholder and i.node == selection[selection.count] do
  2. (
  3. sels = selection as array
  4. sels.count = sels.count - 1
  5. i.nodearray = sels
  6. )

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