Use of the adr (address) microformat

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Basic usage of the address microformat.

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  1. <!--
  2. Use of the address microformat
  3. Usually used inside the hCard microformat
  4. -->
  5. <div class="adr">
  6. <div class="street-address">123 Fake Street</div>
  7. <div class="extended-address">Fake Floor 1</div>
  8. <span class="locality">Fake locality</span>
  9. <span class="region">Fake region</span>
  10. <span class="postal-code">FAK3 0DE</span>
  11. <span class="country-name">Fakeland</span>
  12. </div>
  14. <!--
  15. You could also use an unordered list if needed, useful for website footers
  16. -->

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