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This is the calling one (probably more useful if the clickable text is words, as the iPhone auto-detects phone numbers and does this automatically)
This is the SMS one, which overrides the default calling behavior (ex : <a href="http://giocaregratis.123homepage.it"> Giocare Gioco </a>
Not sure what other things these links might work on... Might be a little dangerous as having non-standard links that don't work or bring up errors is kinda bad UX. Best for mobile-only sites. If someone know if this works on Android/Blackberry/Other Mobile, comment below.

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  1. <a href="tel:1-408-555-5555">1-408-555-5555</a>
  3. <a href="sms:1-408-555-1212">New SMS Message</a>

URL: giochidiiphone

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