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Place this snippent in your script, and call it like this:
urllib.urlretrieve(getFile, saveFile, reporthook=report)

Notice it is the 3rd argument that calls the function on each file that needs to be downloaded.

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  1. def report(count, blockSize, totalSize):
  2. percent = int(count*blockSize*100/totalSize)
  3. sys.stdout.write("\r%d%%" % percent + ' complete')
  4. sys.stdout.flush()
  6. sys.stdout.write('\rFetching ' + name + '...\n')
  7. urllib.urlretrieve(getFile, saveFile, reporthook=report)
  8. sys.stdout.write("\rDownload complete, saved as %s" % (fileName) + '\n\n')
  9. sys.stdout.flush()

URL: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/51212/how-to-write-a-download-progress-indicator-in-python

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