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Link button html

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  1. <p>
  2. <span class="button red"><a href="#"><span></span></a></span>
  3. <span class="button amber"><a href="#"><span>.button.amber</span></a></span>
  4. <span class="button green right"><a href="#"><span></span></a></span>
  5. </p>
  6. <p>
  7. <span class="button black"><a href="#"><span></span></a></span>
  8. <span class="button grey"><a href="#"><span>.button.grey</span></a></span>
  9. <span class="button right"><a href="#"><span>.button.right</span></a></span>
  10. </p>
  11. <p>
  12. <span class="button red rounded"><a href="#"><span></span></a></span>
  13. <span class="button amber rounded"><a href="#"><span>.button.amber.rounded</span></a></span>
  14. <span class="button green right rounded"><a href="#"><span></span></a></span>
  15. </p>
  16. <p>
  17. <span class="button med"><a href="#"><span></span></a></span>
  18. <span class="button big"><a href="#"><span>.button.big</span></a></span>
  19. </p>
  20. <p>
  21. <span class="button block"><a href="#"><span>.button.block</span></a></span>
  22. </p>

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