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I am really interested in Computer Vision technology, so I started to dig deeper in this topic. This is how I found the code below for edge detection, a method belonging to object detection.
If you are interested in implementing edge detection in C#, too, here you can find the code I tried. The code is from a prewritten C# camera library you can all access.

To develop the edge detection function you only need to have a Visual C# WPF Application created in Visual Studio and the VOIPSDK.dll and NVA.dll files (from www.camera-sdk.com ) added to the references.

Creating the user interface is the first step. It will help you to use edge detection by providing an easy-to-use interface. You will have two fields to display the original image and the processed image of the camera, you can set values for Canny Threshold and Canny Threshold Linking and you can set whether you want the edges of the detected elements to be white or colorized. You can find the code of the GUI under Form1.Designer.cs.

Under Form1.cs there is the code for the edge detection function. You can see how to code is built up and what you should to create this function. There will be the different methods you have to call and all the configurations are described.

Trust me, guys, this source code will help you a lot, it made my life easier. Good luck!

URL: http://www.camera-sdk.com/

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