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  1. The image contains the two states for the rollover (hover or normal) like we will do using a background image with CSS.
  3. We need to wrap the image in a <span> element with the following styles:
  4. display: block;
  5. width: "same as visible area of each state (normal or hover) of the image";
  6. height: "same as visible area of each state of the image";
  7. overflow: hidden;
  8. position: relative; // IE needs it
  10. The <img> element is wrapped by an <a> element. We need the following styles to the a:hover:
  11. position: relative;
  12. top: "negative position same as height of the image visible area"
  14. HTML code:
  15. <span class="img-rollover"><a href="#"><img src="image.gif" alt="" /></a></span>
  17. CSS code:
  18. span.img-rollover{
  19. width: 20px;
  20. height: 20px;
  21. display: block;
  22. overflow: hidden;
  23. position: relative;
  24. }
  25. span.img-rollover a:hover{
  26. top: -20px;
  27. position: relative;
  28. }
  30. Demo at


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