C# motion detection source code: How to achieve tripwire with a USB webcam

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Tripwire is a special part of motion detection that can be used to monitor and alert on specific changes. More specifically: tripwire means the detection of intrusion.

This code snippet presents how to create a C# software by using prewritten computer vision components (www.camera-sdk.com) allowing you to get notified when your USB webcam triggers an intrusion. For instance, by using this application, you can use your camera to alarm when a people enters into the shop/office, or even to count how many people entered, etc.

After the necessary using lines and objects you need to implement the Main method and the necessary functions for connecting to a USB webcamera. The startBt_Click method is used to start the tripwire functionality. Thereafter you can see how to handle the enter and exit events.

Nothing could be more simple! :)

URL: http://www.camera-sdk.com

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