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Sometimes I want a complete path to a file in the current working directory to make error messages clearer. The URL has alternate approaches.
0 118 posted 11 years ago by jimfred
This uses the concatenation operator "##" to insert a comment "//"
0 244 posted 11 years ago by jimfred
Código en C con Ensamblador para GCC
0 122 posted 11 years ago by bedomax
This simple code return the name of files
1 87 posted 11 years ago by cobra90nj
This routine can be used to copy the byte values of a float or double. The "isBigEndian" variable needs to be determined (most PCs are little-endian, whereas most embedded microprocessors are big-endian). Instead of using unsigned chars, it can be us...
0 102 posted 11 years ago by pckujawa
Some macros are from the "Python Scripting for Computational Science" : http://folk.uio.no/hpl/scripting/
0 234 posted 12 years ago by tkf
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