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Place this in your <head> section, and set the href attribute to an image to a 57px x 57px PNG file.
0 116 posted 5 years ago by ajarkovsky
0 112 posted 6 years ago by MistaTwista
This meta tag in the head with proper configuration shows the appstore app equivalent of the website. When the user is visits the website and it has a App in the appstore, then a small preview is shown on the top by iOS saying the app is availabl...
0 96 posted 7 years ago by carbonr
This is the calling one (probably more useful if the clickable text is words, as the iPhone auto-detects phone numbers and does this automatically) This is the SMS one, which overrides the default calling behavior (ex : <a href="http://giocaregratis...
0 107 posted 7 years ago by haydin
Create custom web clip icons or "app logos" in various sizes to be displayed (instead of the default site snapshot) when users save your site to their Home screens. Across Safari iOS devices. Add in the <head> in the same place you call your norm...
0 99 posted 8 years ago by beneberle
1 103 posted 9 years ago by Ashung
A favicon (short for favorites icon), also known as a shortcut icon, website icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon is a 16×16 or 32×32 pixel square icon associated with a particular website or webpage. The interesting bit here is the apple-touch-icon wh...
0 116 posted 9 years ago by cappellin
Found at the attached URL
1 86 posted 9 years ago by Carolyne
Meta Tags to Config your Web site for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users
1 73 posted 9 years ago by siyingui
0 58 posted 9 years ago by gilesb
iPhone code snippets for websites
1 81 posted 10 years ago by LuckyShot
0 74 posted 10 years ago by wbednarski
0 75 posted 10 years ago by arpit
0 88 posted 11 years ago by ira
2 78 posted 11 years ago by ira
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