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Just add an image... try it.
2 120 posted 8 years ago by jkdreaming
Last step of the installation - Function documentation.
1 107 posted 9 years ago by Whiteagle
Extremely simple random image when using similar naming structure and a set number of images (eg. imagePrefix_1,jpg, imagePrefix_2,jpg, etc.)
0 75 posted 10 years ago by d55beck
This script displays the current date inside a form via 3 prefilled drop down menus (day, month, year). The visitor can then specify a different date if he/she wants. You can have multiple drop down dates within the same form as well.
0 99 posted 10 years ago by kanampo
Simple extension of the string method using string.prototype.
1 113 posted 13 years ago by 1man
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