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Amasty developed AJAX Scroll extension to make catalog navigation much faster and easier.
0 665 posted 9 years ago by Amasty
This snippet shows how to retrieve information from the SEO plugin of Yoast, to be used for front-end use. This snippet is taken from the opensource free Nexus WP framework supporting front-end editing, custom layout and drag & drop.
0 598 posted 10 years ago by barkgj
Send array through ajax tools request to js
0 748 posted 10 years ago by dosde
So, you define a couple of fake funcs and require WP database config, after this you can require wp-db.php, create new wpdb and use it independency of WP for your ajax actions.
0 642 posted 10 years ago by Zayac
paginar resultados con jquery y ajax, permite ingresar condiciones (where, like, =...) solo se ingresa el nombre de los campos de la base de datos que se desean listar ver opciones.
1 767 posted 11 years ago by rickyslow
0 591 posted 12 years ago by jose_506
0 651 posted 12 years ago by shodan_uk
0 591 posted 12 years ago by supermauerbros
A PHP proxy for jQuery AJAX cross-domain requisitions, created to support friendly-url API\\\\\\\'s.
3 964 posted 12 years ago by hisamu
2 794 posted 13 years ago by sb_01
Quick and easy way to determine if the HTTP request is an AJAX call or a standard call. Supports the notion of Unobtrusive JavaScript.
3 859 posted 13 years ago by joshuascott94
3 498 posted 13 years ago by StephFR
1 480 posted 13 years ago by Scriptshit
What it does: clears & submits exposed filters form via AJAX (if enabled, otherwise normal page refresh). This is for Views 2.x. It works with the 'remember me' option. You need to create a custom module. E.g. custom/custom.module and custom/cu...
1 1117 posted 13 years ago by morningtime
Determines whether or not the page has been requested directly, or through AJAX. This can allow for combining a page and related AJAX responses within the same script.
1 658 posted 14 years ago by Wilco
I was asked to add Recaptcha' to an already existing form. I didn't want to interfere with the code so I decided to search for some sort of AJAX solution. Here's my implementation of DarkSideOfTheCarton.com. This form needs to have a form with <fo...
1 1091 posted 14 years ago by chrisaiv
3 597 posted 14 years ago by troynt
A simple function to check if the request comes from an AJAX XMLHttpRequest. Use it if your page should behave differently when called from AJAX. Comes from jquery mailing list: http://jquery.com/discuss/2006-June/006656/
29 4382 posted 17 years ago by TC
Often PHP can't interpret POST data because it is not form-encoded. This is typical when the post data is XML from API's like Flash's XmlSocket. You can use the following methods to read the POST data directly.
1 1072 posted 17 years ago by mthorn
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