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Dave Metvin\'s method. Two tricks to the method:\r\n\r\n$($boxes[div++] || []) - increaments \"div\" and passes an empty array if the element doesnt exist (so it exists).\r\n\r\narguments.callee - the name of the function currently being executed.
1 414 posted 12 years ago by Meander365
0 324 posted 12 years ago by reynish
Select a shape with text of any kind inside. Run the macro. A timer is generated. Change the macro to switch counter resolution, length, up/down, etc. Modified original to make it work in PPT 2007.
0 375 posted 12 years ago by wesalvaro
Makes same-page links scroll smoothly instead of jumping around the page.
2 426 posted 12 years ago by zachdunn
ici on souhaite qu'une info s'affiche aux survole d'un <li> mais seulement une fois qu'un délai de 650 millisecondes est passé. Cependant si l'user ne survole plus la zone avant la fin du délai, il faut interrompre l'affichage de l'info. Voilà un...
0 610 posted 12 years ago by alexandrepayet
adapted from: [http://aktuell.de.selfhtml.org/artikel/javascript/fader-framework/bilderslideshow.htm](http://aktuell.de.selfhtml.org/artikel/javascript/fader-framework/bilderslideshow.htm)
0 455 posted 12 years ago by cfleschhut
Any link with a hash (#) will scroll to that id on the page. Hat Tip, Karl Swedberg.
1 474 posted 12 years ago by vagrantradio
0 434 posted 12 years ago by vagrantradio
This is a snippet that will animate in a circle in a clockwise fashion based on the parameters the function is passed. It can be used to create a circular or clock wipe when used as a mask.
2 555 posted 13 years ago by sottenad
Hovering over a ransomTab animates in the ransomStrip of the same index
1 621 posted 13 years ago by teedy
For user-friendly animations on hover event. Prevents repeating animations when hovering object many many times. Example needs "jquery.color" plugin for color animations. But you can use any animations you want.
0 430 posted 14 years ago by DesTincT
I'm sure i can clean this up quite a bit, but it works for the moment. This function looks to see if you are on a selected page. If you are it hides the navigation, then loops through and shows each li one after the other. So they don't all fade i...
0 449 posted 14 years ago by 1man
This will run the message function until countInterval equals 10, then it will stop. Could be used in various animations.
0 415 posted 15 years ago by 1man
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