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Скрипт "Материализатор", снабжающий сочным подтекстом любой текст. Выкладываю здесь, поскольку ссылки на [оригинальном сайте](http://lleo.me/dnev...
0 291 posted 10 years ago by certainlyakey
This will get the arguments on the query string and put them into a handy array.
0 421 posted 10 years ago by brownrl
Will produce output like this: <html> ... </html> <html> ... </html> Target in CSS like this: html[data-useragent*='Chrome/13.0'] .nav {background:url(img/radial_grad.png) center bottom no-repeat;} or html[data-useragent*=...
0 464 posted 10 years ago by reverend
Automatically use jQuery to Open External Links in New Window (checking domain first).
3 482 posted 10 years ago by mindshare
Was using this to disable certain js functionality as it wasnt working on apple\'s webkit
2 381 posted 11 years ago by thiswayup
A browser friendly way to trigger an event on an element. This is just a simple snippet which doesn\'t really explain the detailed contents of an event object, but it gives an idea of the differences between specific browsers. This function will fire...
0 486 posted 11 years ago by bryanlyman
0 281 posted 11 years ago by smashu
Adds a browser and operating system class to your HTML Tag.
1 403 posted 12 years ago by smoothdzion
Very easy to use JS Calendar Control with so many customization options.
0 341 posted 12 years ago by design2develop
Enable jQuery on any website, just clicking on a bookmarklet with this code. Or drag & drop this on your bookmark bar: <a href="javascript:(function(){var%20s=document.createElement('script');s.setAttribute('src','http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs...
4 401 posted 12 years ago by danielfilho
bring back the old browser detection
1 428 posted 12 years ago by localhorst
8 602 posted 13 years ago by chrisaiv
6 366 posted 13 years ago by chrisaiv
Modified just a bit. This version includes the Google Chrome beta.
2 386 posted 13 years ago by wizard04
Note that the comment is part of the code here. IE 5+ (including Mac) will evaluate to true by using conditional compilation.
0 335 posted 13 years ago by cczona
This functions allows you to create a new XMLHTTPRequest, it checks to see if the browser supports each method, if not it returns false.
4 476 posted 14 years ago by 1man
A great script that will serve up stylesheets based on browser viewport size.
5 458 posted 14 years ago by aznprncritic
A useful but often overrated JavaScript function is the browser detect. Sometimes you want to give specific instructions or load a new page in case the viewer uses, for instance, Safari. Copy this script into your JavaScript files. It works immedi...
1 376 posted 15 years ago by jonhenshaw
Support: Fx2, Opera9, IE6 I don't have warrant of Safari's run and NN4. However, I think that this code is perhaps safe.
3 309 posted 15 years ago by kif
This is a way to determine if the browser uses the KHTML engine or if it is the Konqueror Browser.
2 424 posted 15 years ago by rolandog
Deals with the fact that mouse buttons are referenced in different ways by different browsers.
0 534 posted 15 years ago by MyKey_
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