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Useful for building nested entries checkboxes etc
0 147 posted 5 years ago by davidb
Aliases command "go!" to starting AND restarting rails server for a project from anywhere in the filesystem. Replace PROJECT_HOME with the path to your project. Place in config.fish
0 99 posted 6 years ago by Epigene
A very concise ruby on rails helper method that converts seconds into human readable format. It will not display any time periods that have 0 (ie: 1 hour 13 seconds - skipping minutes as there were none) Due to complexity, months were not factored...
0 268 posted 6 years ago by uberdragon
I had a spreadsheet with a ton of data on it that I wanted in my seeds file. Using example columns in your database titled db_column1, db_column2, db_column3. Place your .xls file into your public folder and run 'gem install roo'
0 146 posted 6 years ago by asalgan
You want to start a new Rails app. But you also want to start a new RVM gemset for the app so you can start with the latest Rails and gems. In this code snippet I show how I start off an up-to-date Rails project in a clean gemset.
1 164 posted 7 years ago by dreamstarter
If you're using Rails and want to make this a global function, drop this into your application_controller and call it as a function. Example: # get_string_between("hellomyfriendmoto", 'o', 'm') # > myfriend
0 262 posted 7 years ago by joshmn
Supported brands name | key ----------------------- American Express | :amex China UnionPay | :unionpay Diners Club | :diners Dinner Club US | :diners_us Discover | :discover...
0 218 posted 7 years ago by Fivell
Working on the problem described here: http://forums.att.com/t5/Data-Messaging-Features-Internet/3G-proxy-wnsnet-attws-com-strips-HTTP-response-headers/m-p/3294533/highlight/false#M59737 After some testing we found the below code to fix our troubl...
0 171 posted 7 years ago by mightybs
= Rake Task for Rails * name: name of the task * desc: description of the task
0 133 posted 8 years ago by cliffbraton
Esto suele ocurrer muy amenudo cuando instalamos Ruby on Rails antes que MySQL. Es un error "Library not loaded: libmysqlclient.18.dylib (LoadError)" donde lista los directorios donde busca y no lo encuentra. La solución es guiarle para que lo encue...
0 159 posted 8 years ago by skozz
An example method for fetching remote JSON data in Ruby.
2 197 posted 8 years ago by vestimir
0 153 posted 9 years ago by abstraktor
Data Types for DB, MySQL, SQLite, PHP, Ruby, Rails, JS, etc. because I forget them sometimes from Ruby on Rails Guides: Migrations http://bit.ly/hFWjT0 from Rails Migrations http://bit.ly/hI5zpz
0 155 posted 9 years ago by brandonjp
Ruby / Rails - A refresher reference for me because I forget how to do this... create project generate scaffold scaffolding migrate db start server
0 162 posted 9 years ago by brandonjp
links (full <a href="#"> element) to Show Edit Destroy Delete records in view *.erb must be in the record loop:
0 206 posted 9 years ago by brandonjp
if then statement... in a view file *.html.erb:
0 293 posted 9 years ago by brandonjp
If each title is unique and you need alphabetical, try this in your Post model. You can change title to any unique attribute (created_at, id, etc.) if you need a different sort order.
0 127 posted 9 years ago by gmericksen
0 152 posted 9 years ago by batamire
This will require a user to log back in if they are inactive for more than 10 minutes. In order for this feature to be used you must have a last_request_at datetime column in your table for whatever model you are authenticating with.
0 131 posted 9 years ago by gmericksen
This script is a nice balance between validating data and speed.
1 132 posted 9 years ago by chrisaiv
0 76 posted 9 years ago by stayce
0 146 posted 10 years ago by alx_g
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