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Clone any Github user's collection of public repositories
0 6761 posted 2 years ago by rootVIII
Add the code below to change the Home & Site URL that is configured in the database (wp-options table) by WordPress. Whenever you copy/move a site to a new hosting and the URL has changed you can use the code below to fix any strange redirects that m...
0 496 posted 8 years ago by 108Bits
This snippet shows you how to get previous and next post in category URL.
0 534 posted 8 years ago by fedek6
[ Yii Framework ] Use this to redirect to previous page or last request URL
0 500 posted 8 years ago by tucq88
Simple PHP functions to validate url, email address and ip, functions will return TRUE for valid data and FALSE for invalid data.
0 647 posted 8 years ago by codingforever99
Function enables the reading of url appended variables. See URL for more information.
0 506 posted 8 years ago by gromitski
pass if on url param
0 420 posted 8 years ago by thesmu
Works in SP2013 (and I believe 2010). Provides site collection URL without trailing "/"
0 530 posted 9 years ago by rumremix
Open your function.php of your active Theme. Copy your code insert and call the new Site URL. After delete the code snippet.
0 581 posted 9 years ago by WMSchneider
append this to switch to different Stores in Magento
0 405 posted 9 years ago by tomle123
In wordpress, if you want to auto convert all URLs in your string into clickable hyperlinks, you can actually do it using the built-in function make_clickable(). If you need to do that outside of wordpress, you can use the same function. Example...
2 963 posted 9 years ago by fackz
If you work with Twitter, you probably use a url shortener such as tinyurl.com or bit.ly to share/post your favorite blog posts or important messages with links on the network. This snippet take your url as a parameter and returns a short url.
0 526 posted 9 years ago by apphp-snippets
**Example of use:** <a href="http://www.php.net/manual/en/index.php"><img src="<?php echo get_favicon('http://www.php.net/manual/en/index.php') ?>" alt="Favicon" title="See PHP documentation" width="16" height="16" /></a>
0 808 posted 9 years ago by phpdev
This snippets show how to extract the video id of a youtube video from its URL
0 656 posted 9 years ago by slimITTN
Return URL Title. Return URL if any problem.
0 527 posted 9 years ago by goo
thanks to... http://gskinner.com/RegExr/ http://daringfireball.net/2010/07/improved_regex_for_matching_urls
1 1378 posted 9 years ago by brandonjp
This will get you a quick url for a pop up on DNN
0 487 posted 9 years ago by box86rowh
I needed to open a browser window from my small C# app as a result of a dynamic URL build from data received from the command line. This did the trick!
1 613 posted 10 years ago by Verician
Code from https://snipt.net/geekyjohn/get-url-param/ updated so that most jslint issues are resolved, and updated the return to use a guard condition instead of a separate if statement.
1 722 posted 10 years ago by pmw57
Get current url. Include domiain. For example :http:// localhost/root_folder.
0 713 posted 10 years ago by tucq88
simple snippet to open url with an ibaction in safari
0 516 posted 10 years ago by code4mac
0 485 posted 10 years ago by scrapy
//You cannot change the whole url without redirecting, what you can do instead is change the hash. //The hash is the part of the url that goes after the # symbol. //That was initially intended to direct you (locally) to sections of your HTML doc...
0 472 posted 10 years ago by dnnsldr
This function allow you ti have multiple parameters in your query string. Ex : id=12&name=Doe&id=42&nickname=Monster
0 473 posted 10 years ago by MonsterDev
Use this snippet to check if user supplied URL is a valid Youtube URL. Has support for youtu.be shortened URL's too.
1 632 posted 10 years ago by Morg
This is how you can see likes from a specific url
0 444 posted 10 years ago by DiegoSeC
This snippet pulls down an image from a URL into a byte(). From there you can re-size or save. Don't forget the necessary try - catch.
0 2993 posted 10 years ago by ryanfiorini
Grab the hashtag at the end of the current URL.
0 666 posted 10 years ago by LadyLoomis
need to get the url from a youtube/vimeo embedded code without the querystring's
0 535 posted 10 years ago by fetz
Check if URL is HTTPS
2 1409 posted 10 years ago by the_construct
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