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A simple transition from a linear gradient to a radial gradient can be made very dramatic by including a color change transition. One of 10 effects presented.
0 639 posted 7 years ago by COBOLdinosaur
The base rotation can be in three different planes; though as we will see later combinations can make it look like we rotate through many perceived planes. In the examples below instead of rotate we specify the plane by using rotateZ (The default we...
0 715 posted 7 years ago by COBOLdinosaur
A simple effect using simple CSS. This is part of a collection of gradient effects
0 633 posted 8 years ago by COBOLdinosaur
The first thing you might notice is that I am not using nested lists to layout the menu. That is an old XHTML layout technique. I am using the more semantically correct HTML5 <nav> tag. Menus are not lists, they are navigation so using the more moder...
0 725 posted 9 years ago by COBOLdinosaur
The CSS calc() function can be used anywhere a length, frequency, angle, time, number, or integer is required. It can be used to apply values for width/height; font-size; margins; padding; borders; shadows; border radius; text-indent;top/right/bottom...
0 577 posted 9 years ago by COBOLdinosaur
The colgroup and col structure is like a directive that specifies table formatting outside of the normal flow. Notice that the col tags do not get closed in HTML5, and the cascade is irregular. Normally the cascade applies to children, but the rows a...
0 556 posted 9 years ago by COBOLdinosaur
One of the limits of using lists (ordered and unordered) is that they have no provision for a heading. You can do something like: <ul>This is a Title<li> etc... but it is invalid because the list containers can only contain List Items. One way common...
0 552 posted 9 years ago by COBOLdinosaur
Changes shape back and forth from a round element to a square element.
0 446 posted 9 years ago by COBOLdinosaur
In modern browsers select options can now be style using most css properties. Of course, IE is still behind but it does support some styling as well. There are a lot more options on the site.
0 509 posted 10 years ago by COBOLdinosaur
Using an image background for a photo allows all kinds of framing possibilities
0 458 posted 10 years ago by COBOLdinosaur
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