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In this article I will show you how to use AngularJS and Laravel Blade together. People who have been using AngularJS for a while may know of this solution. However if you are just getting started or have never used Angular with a templating engine...
0 990 posted 10 years ago by CreativePunch
In this article I would like to share how to make a sortable index view with Laravel 4. Let’s assume you have an index view with a table. Like this example for a table that contains posts.
0 708 posted 10 years ago by CreativePunch
Creating a nested array from items with parent IDs. This is useful for when you have a website working with multiple categories with parent categories. But it can be applied anywhere, really!
0 1314 posted 10 years ago by CreativePunch
In this tutorial I will go over implementing Full-Text search in Laravel 4 . Those who have used Laravel 3 in the past may remember that there used to be support for FULLTEXT indexes. This functionality has been removed in Laravel 4 but can still ea...
0 687 posted 10 years ago by CreativePunch
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