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CSS code to add a CSS3 box shadow to the bottom of an element only.
0 689 posted 11 years ago by Huskie
IE6 and IE7 don't respect the 'outline' attribute for hyperlinks. This jQuery snippet removes the annoying outline in these browsers.
0 858 posted 12 years ago by Huskie
In my opinion, this is the best cross-browser method of clearing floated elements in a container. Remember to add .clear-fix{zoom:1;} to an IE specific stylesheet, otherwise IE 7 will complain.
0 586 posted 12 years ago by Huskie
Pure CSS3 buttons with 9 pre-defined colours and 3 styles. Adapted from Web Designer Wall -
1 661 posted 12 years ago by Huskie
Trimmed and personalised version of Eric Meyer's Reset CSS.
0 858 posted 12 years ago by Huskie
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