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With the current combobox implementation, the full list is emptied and re-rendered every time you expand the dropdown. Also you are stuck with setting the minLength to 0, because it has to do an empty search to get the full list. Here is my own im...
0 1330 posted 12 years ago by Huskie
Clear all text fields on focus based on original value with single function. The code checks for a 'title' attribute on each input with class 'text' and compares this to the current value of the field.
0 867 posted 12 years ago by Huskie
IE6 and IE7 don't respect the 'outline' attribute for hyperlinks. This jQuery snippet removes the annoying outline in these browsers.
0 867 posted 12 years ago by Huskie
This code snippet fetches the very latest minified version of jQuery from Google's CDN. If this is not available, we revert to a locally stored version (current version at time of publish was 1.7.1 - update this to suit going forward).
1 869 posted 12 years ago by Huskie
To get the most recent version in the 1.x.x family.
0 715 posted 12 years ago by Huskie
Add attribute to links to open them in a new window. Example - rel="external". Alternative to target="_blank", conforming to XHTML specification.
0 817 posted 12 years ago by Huskie
Permanent link to latest minified jQuery release at
0 515 posted 12 years ago by Huskie
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