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Bind onload function to the iFrame and set the size of the iFrame to the iFrames loaded content. In the example jQuery is used.
5 288 posted 8 years ago by Neven
This code demonstrates how to concatenate list of strings using lambda expression without need to use a loop.
1 230 posted 9 years ago by Neven
This snippet describes how to fill select html element with Text, Value pairs where 'Text' is displayed to the user and 'Value' is actual value to be processed.
0 212 posted 9 years ago by Neven
Position of the element to center needs to be relative to the container.
0 243 posted 9 years ago by Neven
Overwrite LoadViewSate and SaveViewState page methods. SaveViewState is called on initial page load and that is the place to save your negated flag to Session. This value should be compared in LoadViewState and if the values are the same it means...
0 208 posted 9 years ago by Neven
Searches for duplicate entries in the DataBase table
1 173 posted 9 years ago by Neven
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