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Found This Code to make a stats page view for a client. Make Sure your header input format is PHP.
0 657 posted 13 years ago by Onfire60
This code goes directly into your template.php file after you remove the open and close PHP tags at the beginning and end. Then place the call below in your block.tpl.php. Don't forget to flush cache.
0 744 posted 13 years ago by Onfire60
Copy the first code snippet to your theme's template.php. Then call the following section in you block template file.
0 629 posted 13 years ago by Onfire60
Used the first sql statement to find your menu item. (Replace menu-% with the name of your menu eg. "primary-links" . Then using the menu item id fix the items you want to regain the good old delete button on the menu item.
0 844 posted 13 years ago by Onfire60
When adding a link to a form say for instance a login form you can use drupal_get_destination() to return the user to the page they were on when they finish loging in. This show you how to do this programatically in a link l(); function.
0 606 posted 13 years ago by Onfire60
Was trying to figure out a way to remove tabs for a content type where it was unnecessary. Place this in your theme template.php file and configure to your needs. Example Usage: Organic Group View is created and page uses a menu tab. Unfortunately...
0 674 posted 13 years ago by Onfire60
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