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  1. FAV

    Return Age from Date of Birth

    Calculates the amount of time since the date specified with yr, mon, and day. The parameter "countunit" can be "years", "months", or "days" and is the duration between the specified day and today in the selected denomination. The "decimals" parameter...
    JavaScript 1 views posted 7 years ago StevenW721
  2. FAV

    jQuery Validate Not Equal

    Adds a method to the jQuery Validation plugin ( to return false if the field equals a specified string
    PHP 2 views posted 7 years ago StevenW721
  3. FAV

    Password Hash and Validation

    Calling generateHash() with a single argument (the plain text password) will cause a random string to be generated and used for the salt. The resulting string consists of the salt followed by the SHA-1 hash - this is to be stored away in your databas...
    PHP saved by 3 people 16 views posted 8 years ago StevenW721
  4. FAV

    PHP Email with attachment of uploaded file

    A simple one page form with attachment that is meant to go straight to the email and not uploaded to the server. Emails an HTML version, a PlainText version and the attachment if there is one.
    PHP saved by 36 people 17 views posted 9 years ago StevenW721
  5. FAV

    Trigger Javascript from Flash with AS3

    Short and sweet, add the following two lines where you want to trigger a javascript function. Just change the javascript denoted in the code by "javascriptFunction()" with whatever you want to call. Also jsut in case make sure you have the allowScrip...
    ActionScript 3 saved by 9 people 3 views posted 9 years ago StevenW721
  6. FAV

    Resize iframe height based on it's content

    Sometimes iframes are unavoidable, and in those cases you usually don't want it to be apparent there is one. This will find the height of the iframed contents and resize the iframe accordingly, making it appear to be part of the page. Almost positive...
    JavaScript saved by 2 people 4 views posted 9 years ago StevenW721
  7. FAV

    Codeigniter - One Controller to Rule Them All

    This one controller will load views based on the URI segments returned, good for static sites that don\\\\\\\'t require a controller for every page. Requires a view \\\\\\\"404\\\\\\\" as a default when nothing is found.
    PHP 10 views posted 9 years ago StevenW721
  8. FAV

    CodeIgniter Starter .htaccess

    Apache saved by 8 people 7 views posted 9 years ago StevenW721
  9. FAV

    Mobile Device Detection

    PHP saved by 24 people 5 views posted 9 years ago StevenW721
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