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Courtesy Kevin Chard at Adding this snippet to the functions.php of your wordpress theme will redirect your search to the post automatically when wordpress only returns a single search result.
1 654 posted 6 years ago by adambundy
Courtesy CSSTricks (
1 365 posted 9 years ago by adambundy
UPDATE: might be easier or faster to use this now (also courtesy Pippin): **courtesy Pippin Williamson ( use shortcode...
1 354 posted 9 years ago by adambundy
Place at the top of your header.php to redirect visitors who are not logged-in to the Wordpress admin. I use this to redirect to a simple HTML 'coming soon' page while sites are in development.
1 322 posted 10 years ago by adambundy
'container' => ' ' -- removes the container div
1 323 posted 10 years ago by adambundy
4 338 posted 11 years ago by adambundy
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