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Put this in settings.php
2 678 posted 14 years ago by aleprieto
Here is a simpler list format without the Term name, sorted by date, filtered for published and images, and is rendered correctly by the theme.
1 560 posted 15 years ago by aleprieto
Use the code below to build a custom block that shows the related nodes to the current node by taxonomy term. For example: If the current node in display has a taxonomy term "fish", a bunch of links that link to nodes that have the "fish" term is to...
1 590 posted 15 years ago by aleprieto
This is a simple little block that displays a list of terms in a vocabulary as a list of links to /taxonomy/term/tid pages. Items are listed in the order set for the vocabulary. You could probably use the php sort() function to change that if desired...
0 928 posted 15 years ago by aleprieto
Fairly simple way to match sidebar content with the main content for several pages without the need to create multiple blocks or the hassle of putting content in a block. For example, your Home, About and Contact pages all have a sidebar with some...
1 741 posted 15 years ago by aleprieto
This code snippet make use of the API to accomplish a block with links to related content.
1 677 posted 15 years ago by aleprieto
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