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A quick snippet that removes the 'px' when accessing a value through jquery, and converts it into an integer.
0 462 posted 11 years ago by cessnajumpin
A coworker asked if I remembered a password for one of our FTP servers. I didn't, but FileZilla creates a hidden folder when you install it that contains the information for the dropdown "quickconnect". Thanks to that you can easily see all of your s...
0 441 posted 12 years ago by cessnajumpin
All credit for this goes to iheartactionscript.com I'm just copying it here so I won't have to remember where I found it
0 331 posted 13 years ago by cessnajumpin
A quick and easy function to convert seconds into easily readable time. (90 seconds = 01:30)
1 583 posted 13 years ago by cessnajumpin
Ever have to make a swf that needs to change height? Want to use the browser's scrollbar instead of having to create one in flash?
0 388 posted 13 years ago by cessnajumpin
Create an excerpt from the main copy, removing any image or other HTML tag markup so it will be clean. In this case the length is 160 characters, change that number to change the length of the excerpt
0 423 posted 13 years ago by cessnajumpin
Extremely simple... just pass in the string you want to ellipse, and the position you want to do it at. The code takes care of the rest.
2 444 posted 14 years ago by cessnajumpin
A simple line of code to apply to attributes that need to be toggled on and off.
0 430 posted 14 years ago by cessnajumpin
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