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A simple widget for displaying a single post in a dynamic sidebar. Originally developed to accommodate a WP user who wanted full control of which posts were displayed and what order they were on a certain page.
0 614 posted 11 years ago by chasecrawford
This is a callback example that can be used to conditionally display blocks on specific pages. In this example, I load all nodes with a specific field and return false if the value of that field is equal to the user id of the logged in user. The sni...
0 597 posted 11 years ago by chasecrawford
Use this no-conflict wrapper instead of the default ready function in JQuery to initialize scripts in your Drupal 7 theme
0 600 posted 11 years ago by chasecrawford
A function to query the 10 most recent posts on a multisite WordPress installation
0 1560 posted 11 years ago by chasecrawford
Very helpful function for sorting multi-dimensional arrays
0 754 posted 12 years ago by chasecrawford
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