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Effbot's page on the os module: The os module has lots of methods for dealing with files and directories: The shutil module:
0 861 posted 15 years ago by chombee
0 497 posted 15 years ago by chombee
Test-first programming, in which you write the unit tests first with the unittest module and then work on the code until it passes all the tests, seems like a good substitute for writing interfaces or documentation first. The unit tests are like an A...
0 531 posted 15 years ago by chombee
This is my implementation of the messager pattern used by Panda3D for event handling. It's a really nice idea but I think Panda's version is implemented weirdly, it uses the subscribe objects as keys in the dictionary. That means that if you want...
0 384 posted 15 years ago by chombee
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